Birthday Sale

It's my birthday month! And the second biggest sale of the year!
35% off the shop through the end of September! 
Can you guess how old I am? ;)

Taking a break...

The Farm Chicks Antique show is just around the corner! I would just like to let everyone know that I have decided to take a break from being a vendor this year. 
I have been so lucky to be a part of the past 4 shows-I can't even tell you how excited I was to be accepted my first year! But I just need to take some time to focus on the online aspect of the business right now. Maybe I will have the opportunity again down the road :)
For now, here is a look back at some Farm Chicks 2013 booth photos of Carousel taken by Britta Hawkins. Enjoy!

 Britta taking a picture of me taking a picture of her--I can't for the life of me find the other half of this but if I do I will post it LOL ;)


CUTE customer alert!!

Frothy dresses ♥

More cute customers!

Saffron baby!! OMG!

"Couture Shoot" with Britta

Couture. You know, wearing stuff you would probably not ever wear together....and wearing it all at once in the name of fashion so you can do a cool photo shoot :) Like giant paper flowers, fur collars and vintage gowns. And I think this shoot feels a bit aristocratic. Aristocratic Fashion. Yes, that's what it is. Also it's Spring, so pastels and flowers, naturally :)

This shoot was styled by Britta, and it was super fun. My favorite outfit is the two-tone chiffon 50's gown with giant pink flower :)

Photos: Britta Hawkins
Hair/MU: Me
Clothing is mine :)

My first shoot with Britta Hawkins :)

I am a pretty "camera shy" person. I've just always felt uncomfortable or that I didn't photograph well or whatever. We all have our "thing", you know? But it's something I've wanted to work on because I actually do think it's fun! AND I would like to do more of it for Carousel!! I just need to feel comfortable and take my time I guess. 
I am so lucky to have some of the most talented and amazing friends, and Britta is one of them ♥ She is so super special, and it is so nice to have someone who I know I can trust and who is patient enough to help me get over my little insecurities :) I love you Britta!! 

We had been planning to do a shoot for some time and it just happened to fall before Valentine's Day...SOOO what better way to break into modeling my clothing and get over my nerves than to model in some of my favorite vintage lingerie, RIGHT? I mean, if you're going to jump off a big scary cliff you may as well do it blind-folded I suppose! ;) Haha :D 
Anyhow, here is my first shoot....and no, I am really not that shy about my body ;) I mean I certainly have my insecurities just like everyone (and I had to work through a few!) But part of doing this is about getting over that for here it is :)
And please take some time to visit Britta's website/gallery by following the link below for more of her awesome photography, she is truly special and so talented!! ♥

Photography: Britta Hawkins

Thanks for looking :) ♥